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What is Working Tax Credit?

In April 2003, Working Tax Credit (WTC) was introduced as a state benefit in the United Kingdom for individuals who work but have a low income. It is a means-tested benefit which is a payment that is made available to those who can show that their means (their capital and income) are below a specified limit. The means of the individual determines whether or not they are eligible for the benefit, hence, the term means-tested benefit. The main objective of WTC is to boost the income of those who are on low income so that they can have more money available for their daily needs. The coalition government of the United Kingdom announced in 2010 that by 2017 WTC will be replaced by Universal Credit which is a combination of several benefits. WTC will therefore be integrated into Universal Credit. If you are currently 

Who is eligible for Working Tax Credit?

To know if you are eligible for WTC, you can check your eligibility via the Working Tax Credit phone number given later on in this article or you can check your eligibility online. According to statistics, over seven million people in the United Kingdom are entitled to claim WTC. You might be one of them depending on whether or not you meet the three main criteria which determines the eligibility for WTC:

Working Hours



You have to work a minimum number of hours per week; those in the age group of 25 – 59 must work a minimum of 30 hours per week while those above 60 or those with a child or disability must work a minimum of 16 hours per week. Individuals between the ages of 16 – 24 can be eligible for WTC if they have a disability or a child while individuals who are 25 and older are eligible even if they do or do not have a qualifying disability or a child. You must earn an income for the work that you do and that income must be below a certain level.

How much can be received?

The amount that you are entitled to as working tax credit is determined based on your circumstances and your income; however, there is a basic amount of up to £1,960 that you could receive per year – your income and circumstances will make this amount increase or decrease. In addition, any changes in your circumstances may affect the amount you receive so if your circumstances change, it is advisable to call the Working Tax Credit Phone Number immediately and inform HMRC which stands for HM Revenues and Customs and is responsible for WTC payments. There is an online calculator on this website which allows us to calculate how much you can receive in WTC. Use it to get an indication of the amount that you can receive. Your income of the previous year and your current circumstances will determine how much you will receive in the next year. 

How to claim Working Tax Credit?

A claim for WTC must be processed and will require you to complete a claim form. The form can be obtained from the HMRC website or you can call the Working Tax Credit phone number. You are require to renew your claim one a year by declaring your income for the previous year and by updating your circumstances. 

How are payments made?

Payments are made by HM Revenues and Customs and is made directly into your bank account on a weekly basis or a monthly basis. Payments are reviewed immediately if there are changes in your circumstances and if the HMRC has been informed of these changes. If the HMRC detects that you have been overpaid, you will be requested to repay the excessive amount.

What is the Working Tax Credit Phone Number?

The WTC phone number is 0844 850 0138. Using this number you can ask any questions about working tax credits and any other HMRC credits related questions. Apart from calling directly to the HMRC, you can also write to them. Letters informing the HMRC of changes in your circumstances must have “Change of Circumstances” written on the envelope. Complaints letters must have the word “Complaint” written on the top to the letter. 

Additional contact information on the HMRC is stated below. The first address is the general address. The second address is used for new claims while the third address is used for all credit renewals forms. 


Now that you have all the contact information available for the HMRC, you can feel free to contact the Tax Credit Office to get all of your questions pertaining to working tax credit answered so that you can start reaping the benefits.

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