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Where to invest: property investment and buy to let schemes

Growing your capital

There is more than one way of making money. The main method for gaining wealth is, of course, working. That is how most people make what they have. There are other ways, such as inheritance and finances, that should also be taken in consideration. Investments altogether are a good way to increase your capital without doing much, if performed wisely and with a bit of luck. The thing about them is that you must have a considerable starting capital, which is never that easy to build. We all face monthly expenses which drain our salaries and other incomes, so piling up a big bunch of money is not an easy thing at all. 

However, for one reason or another - such as the ones listed above - some people actually manage to gather that bunch of money. However tempted they could feel to spend it in the glimpse of an eye, it is always smarter to make it even bigger through investments. Now, investment are, by nature, risky. The common person with a good sum of money in his or her hands will predictably feel lost, not knowing what is the best thing to do with it.

There are many options for investors, be them small or large. The first thing that you must take in consideration is that no one is best for everybody. The size of the capital always plays a big part in the final choice. There are things that you can do with a six figures number that you can't do with a four figures number, and there are some things that you should do with a four figures number rather than what you would do with a six figures number.

More than one way of increasing your wealth

It is very easy to get lost in the money that you have and forget about some basics of investments. You would find yourself wondering, "where to invest?". First of all, consider the long term. Especially if you are young, and long term in you case can pay really well, try to resist the urge of earning a lot or buying a lot today. A pension plan could sound like a waste of money because for the next years you won't be able to access that money, but if you thing about the rates, you will be earning a lot for the time that you retire. Think about that.

Another important point is that you don't only increase your capital by making it grow, but also by preventing it from shrinking. Debt rates and taxes will cut down your numbers, but if you manage them properly, you can loose less money. In example, one of the first things that you should do once you gain a bulk of money for some reason, is to cancel small debts, like credit card debts. The rates of interest for these debts are much higher than the ones of a saving account, so in the end you make more by paying, basically because they will take less afterwards.

The stock market is also a good option, but it works best on the long term and for people who have a huge pool of money. You can make the best out of stocks by investing in several different companies to decrease the risk, and you should be patient and wait for many, many years for the revenue. Stock market investments are best for people who have so much money that they don't need to take any cash from their capital for years.

There is another way in which you can put your money to use. This scheme has been reported as the most successful investment field in the last years, and is currently on the rise. We are speaking about buy-to-let investments.

Buy-to-let: the new queen of the private market


Purchasing a property and letting it for an income has proven to be a great choice for many people. The numbers on buy to let schemes look very good, thanks to the latest changes of the real estate market. Many people have even quitted their jobs to dedicate full-time to this activity, with similar and even greater revenues than a traditional employment. Of course, you must know what you are doing. Not all properties will generate the same income, some of them could even be a loss if you don't manage mortgage repayments and pricing properly. That is why you should take your time to study the market and learn from people who know, and not just getting some opinions from friends and following your hunches. 

Doing all the work yourself is a big load, but it will also significantly increase your final income, because there will be no agency cutting down your profits in exchange of making deals for you and finding clients. Taking some time and building a property portfolio by yourself can assure you and your sucessors a very attractive pool of money. 

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