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Non Habitual Tax Resident Status in Portugal


Portugal  -The European Tax Haven 

Many northern Europeans are being attracted to Portugal for the tax benefits that are being offered to those who meet specific criteria which effectively means a zero rate of tax for pensioners and high net worth individuals whom make income from investments along with a special low tax rate of 20% income tax rate for high tech industries industries and strategically important occupations. As long as you have not been tax resident in Portugal for the last five years, after moving to Portugal you can apply to get the special tax rate and effectively save hundreds of thousands of euros of tax over a 10 year grace period.



Zero Tax In Portugal 

The zero rate of tax will be offered to those who meet the strict criteria and will be allocated upon approval and acceptance of the scheme. Most people who apply for this program will seek the guidance of one of the specialist tax advisors whom specialise in the program, who offer to handle everything necessary to understand and inform on how the program works, such as who can apply and how the details will apply to ones specific circumstances. According to most quotes specialist accountants charge anything in the region of 750€ euros per application up to 3500€ and 6500€ for a couple via one of the top accountant firms such as Deloitte (direct quote from Deloitte), KPMG or PWC who all roughly charge the same amount. 



Non Habitual Resident Application Template Forms

Given the complexity of tax matters and the amount of money one can save from registering as a tax resident in Europe’s most important tax haven (Portugal), it is no wonder then that many people pay such high fees without question in order to be assisted by these ‘so-called’ professionals, however allegations have been made against some of these advisors suggesting that there is a lot of profiteering taking place around these applications, that specifically, miss-information is being given about how complex is the process to actually apply, while some have suggested that it is easier than suggested by such high fees and that with the right forms and assistance one can actually handle the process oneself much more cheaply.



Download The Templates For Non Habitual Resident (NHR) Applications

To assist members of Tax Effective Given we have put together a pack containing all the necessary documents and instructions needed to apply for the NHR status in Portugal and are offering this as a exclusive download. The instructions included are simple to follow and contain all the information needed to make the application depending upon the specific circumstances of the individuals applying. This pack also includes the template application documents that can be easily edited with personal details making the process as simple as a copy and paste exercise. With these templates and instructions the process of applying for the Non Habitual Resident status in Portugal just got a whole lot cheaper, easier and even quicker than talking to the top accountant firms who over complicate how difficult it actually is to apply for the special tax status in Portugal. 



How To Apply For The NHR Status Personally Without A Tax Accountant

It is possible to actually complete the work needed to apply for the special non habitual resident tax status by having templates and forms prepared for you which simply require personal details to be added and signatures applied. Once these forms are completed they can be issued to the local tax offices who will then deliberate over the applications for up to 8 months (typically 6 months) during which time they may inquire to know more information about the applicants or ask for more documents, but typically they don’t ask for anything else and it is a straightforward application and acceptance of the program some months later. 




Buy / Download The NHR Application Form 

Templates For NHR (only £99 GBP) 




NOTE: The advice given on this page is for informational reasons only and should be checked with your qualified tax advisors, you should not rely on any information held herein for your personal tax status.


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