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The Importance of Taxes

Taxes are very important to any country including the United Kingdom. It is our taxes that are used to fund things that at one point or the other, we will need. For example, schools and the NHS are funded by the taxes that we pay. It is therefore very important that we all contribute to taxes. It is however important that you understand what you should be paying in taxes and what you should not. Many people end up paying more taxes than they should because they do not have sufficient tax knowledge and experience to know what is taxable and what is not. Furthermore, it is also possible to reduce the amount of taxes that should be paid; however, without the right knowledge and understanding, it would be difficult for you to find the loopholes. This is why it is very important to obtain tax advice from professionals.

Effective Tax Strategies to Meet your Tax Obligations

Are you having a hard time getting your taxes under control? Here at Effective Tax Strategies, we have a team of professional and experienced tax advisers who will take the time and effort needed to fully understand your situation so that they can provide you with bespoke tax advice and help you with your tax planning by providing you with customized tax solutions to meet your circumstances.

Whether you are an individual, an entrepreneur or a corporate business owner, we are here to help you structure your tax affairs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our aim is to reduce the burden normally caused by the strain of meeting tax deadlines and help you to plan your tax affairs in such a manner that your tax deadlines are met accordingly.

Types of Tax Advice and Planning

Taxes on Pension

You may be required to pay taxes on your state pension, your workplace, personal or foreign pension, retirement annuities and pension that you pass on or inherit. The amount of tax that you pay on your pension income depends on your overall taxable income. 

Property taxes

These are the taxes associated with buying or selling properties in the UK. It is very important that you obtain tax advice as soon as possible if you already own a property or if you plan on buying or selling one soon. Some of the main types of property taxes in the UK include:

Stamp Duty Land Tax  Income Tax 
Capital Gains Tax Inheritance Tax

Taxes paid by offshore companies

Many people make the mistake and think that just because a company is incorporated outside of the UK, it does not have to pay taxes. The fact is that if an offshore company is managed and controlled in the UK, it is considered UK resident and will be liable to Corporation Tax. 

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